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Buckthorn Removal

Buckthorn Removal in MN - Mulching Mania can handle all your buckthorn, brush, and land clearing needs. We offer removal and clearing for Buckthorn, Brush Removal, Land CLearing, Food Plots, Lot Clearing, Trail Clearing, Property Line Clearing, Shooting Lane Clearing, Fence Line Clearing, and much more.

We serve all of Minnesota, including Minneapolis, St. Paul, the West Metro, and the Twin Cities. 

Got Buckthorn?
Some people have said "what you don't know won't hurt you", but in this case, it will. Buckthorn is one of the most invasive species found in Minnesota. Buckthorn leafs out early and retain leaves late into the fall creating dense shade that helps it to out-compete many native plants. Mulching Mania has the knowledge and equipment to help you identify and eliminate your buckthorn problem. 

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Why is buckthorn such a problem?

  • Out-competes native plants for nutrients, light, and moisture
  • Degrades wildlife habitat
  • Threatens the future of forests, wetlands, prairies, and other natural habitats
  • Contributes to erosion by shading out other plants that grow on the forest floor
  • Serves as host to other pests, such as crown rust fungus and soybean aphid
  • Forms an impenetrable layer of vegetation
  • Lacks "natural controls" like insects or disease that would curb its growth
Click here to visit the MN DNR website to see why buckthorn is such a problem in our area and to learn more about buckthorn and what you can do to help reduce the rising problem.